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Our Goals

We strive to facilitate deep inner journeys for our students through experiential education in yoga and complementary healing. Our school aims to create a haven where students feel safe to explore the medicine path in sacred community, realize their true potential as human beings, and become leaders in conscious awakening with the support of our experienced yoga educators.


Divine Feminine Yoga

Path of the Heart

The Divine Feminine approach to yoga is heart-based and student-centered. We teach you to understand the unique needs of your students so that you can deliver a truly transformational experience. Founded on the belief that wellness = balance, therapeutic approaches to yoga consider and employ the entire being in practices designed for creating harmony within and among each layer of our being: the body, mind, and spirit.

Love is born from understanding. Understanding leads to deeper connection. Connection leads to healing.

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Study with us

Training courses are for those who wish to deepen their practice of yoga, explore holistic healing in their personal lives, and/or learn new skills that will allow them to be of greater service to their community.

200 hour Yoga Training

Therapeutic Yoga & Complementary Healing

Deepen your personal practice. Explore therapeutic applications of yoga. Embody your role as a healing facilitator.

The 200 hour training course is a basic introduction to yoga from a blended perspective of yoga therapy and bhakti yoga. Our graduates establish a solid foundation to teach hatha yoga classes and to continue their education in yoga as a healing modality.

Electives: Sound Healing, Fire Ceremony, Reiki Training

Summer Intensive

August 1 - 28, 2020

Mt. Shasta, CA

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100 hour Specialization Training

Yoga Psychology & Meditation

Map the landscape of the mind and illuminate the subconscious with guided meditation, facilitated introspection, and mastery of the ego.

A continuing education course for experienced yoga teachers, therapists, and other mental health professionals.

Electives: Inner Child Healing, Facilitated Introspection

Autumn Immersion

Dates TBA soon


What's different about Paramatma?

Learn by doing. Teach from experience.

We know there are a ton of other teacher training courses out there. So, what sets us apart?

Our curriculum offers a comprehensive study of yoga. As a sadhana building immersion, our 200-hour course introduces students to yoga beyond the physical practice. We believe the function of a basic training program is to help students explore the depths of yoga, and through their sadhana to explore the depths of themselves. With a holistic focus on the spiritual, mental, emotional, energetic, and physical aspects of our being, we include asana as merely as aspect of yoga practice and not necessarily the focus.

We cater to small groups to deliver a quality education in the yoga lifestyle. We cap our group size at 15 which allows us to offer a 15:2 student to teacher ratio. Some of our courses are closer to 8-10 students. It's important that you get personalized attention when you study with us. Our students benefit from a co-creative environment with dedicated space to make their voices heard during integrative sharing circles and one-on-one coaching sessions with our instructors.

Students can personalize their training with our selection of electives during independent study hours. 

We offer continuing support for our graduates. We only run two trainings per year, which means we have time and space to support each and every one of our alumni as they navigate their path and practice after graduation.

Our alumni get great perks. All Paramatma Yoga graduates receive lifetime access to exclusive alumni discounts on our future courses and retreats.


Paramatma Standards

Engaging Students with Profound Experiences

We value, respect and appreciate your sacred heart. At Paramatma Yoga, we believe in fostering a creative, collaborative, and engaging experience to help our students embody their highest potential and pursue their dreams.
Our residential courses exceed Yoga Alliance standards to provide a well-rounded education in yoga and complementary healing modalities.


Meet Our Founder

Nancy Cooke

Nancy Cooke

Bhakti Specialist

Trauma Informed Yoga Therapist
Lead Teacher Trainer


What's Divine Feminine Yoga?

October 1, 2019

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August 1, 2019

What does OM mean?

June 2, 2019

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