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Nectarian Communion

The Yogic Path of Divine Relationship

Yoga philosophy & mythology. Storytelling for transmitting wisdom. How does ancient wisdom translate to modern life? Bliss of connection. Path of surrender.



This course consists of two modules, each held once per year at retreat centers around the world. Both modules must be completed in order to qualify for continuing education hours and they must be taken in order. Students may take up to two years to complete both modules.


Medicine Journey

Learn by doing

Module one offers a deep dive into your personal healing journey using yoga-meditation, facilitated introspection, and ego mastery techniques. Over 7 days you will participate in sharing circles and concentrated group meditations, one-on-one introspection sessions with Nancy, as well as prompted journaling and self-inquiry exercises.

Healing Facilitator

Teach from experience

Module two prepares you to share this work with others with teaching methodology, scope of practice, ethics, and supervised teaching practice. Over 7 days you will learn to compose your own guided meditation scripts, learn the fundamentals of circle facilitation, digest the importance of ego mastery on the path of yoga, and establish a foundation in facilitated introspection techniques.

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"Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakes."

Carl Jung


Yoga of Devotion

Spirituality, Love, & Seva

In this course you will learn:

  • in-depth study of the Bhagavad Gita

  • Daily chanting, lecture, darshan, bhajans

  • Devotional cooking & spiritualizing the tongue

  • Mechanics of the altar

  • Book club (online)

  • devotional dancing

  • relationship between bhakti and seva

  • relationship as a spiritual practice and path to divine communion

  • investigating your soul identity with mythwork and storytelling

  • a life in service

  • harvesting to offer


What's Included?


Vegetarian Meals



What's different about us?

Learn by doing. Teach from experience.

We know there are a ton of other teacher training courses out there. So, what sets us apart?

Our curriculum offers a comprehensive study of yoga as a healing art. With roots in integrative yoga therapy, we share evidence-based practices that are being integrated more and more into western medicine.

We cater to small groups to deliver a quality education in yoga therapy. For this course, we cap our group size at 8 which allows us to provide personalized support and mentorship throughout and after the course.

We offer continuing support for our graduates. We only run two trainings per year, which means we have time and space to support each and every one of our alumni as they navigate their path and practice after graduation.

Our alumni get great perks. All Paramatma Yoga graduates receive lifetime access to exclusive alumni discounts on our courses and retreats.


Nancy Cooke

Lead Teacher Trainer


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