“The myth of our unworthiness is the greatest lie that has ever been told. By believing that we don't deserve better or that we're not good enough, we cut ourselves off from all the good we are here to experience and embrace.”

Ara & the Goddess Circle


Ancestral Healing


Go deeper yet, my love. In this week-long immersion we will explore the shadow to reclaim our personal power. Work with experienced practitioners to unlock the secret mysteries of the subconscious. Using family constellations, we will explore the inner child and the sacred wound. Introducing reiki, sound healing, and movement alchemy, let's re-write the ancestral karma that is hindering our highest expression.

Underwater Dive

Experiential Learning

Sacred Space Holding & Intensive Group Dynamics

Yoga often brings us in touch with deep emotions, and it can be challenging to hold space for the individual while in a group setting. This course teaches you how to engage the group in supporting individuals through their emotional process and build a nourishing heart-felt community with your intensive offerings. You will learn the fundamentals of residential course dynamics, how to create a space where students feel safe to express vulnerability and be held in yogic community, and how to manage the group dynamic so that you don't get burnt out during extended trainings and retreats.

Girl Behind a Sheet

Relationship Empowerment
& the Sacred Wound

Befriending the Shadow:

Improving Your Relationships by Investigating the Sacred Heart

We all have a shadow that resides deep in the subconscious informing our self-image, our conscious behavior and our worldview on a daily basis. It is born from deeply buried wounds of the heart: our first hurts ripple through our lives hindering our highest relationship with the self and with others.


Healing the Sacred Wound

Medicine of aUTHENTICITY

The Sacred Wound is a term that describes the original wound, from which all of our other wounds are born and orient back to. It’s often a dark gift from our parents given at an early age that informs our later experiences of rejection, of feeling not good enough, and fear of deep and uncensored intimacy with not only others but also, and maybe even more so with ourselves. The sacred wound is what convinces us throughout our whole lives that we should be something, anything, other than what we truly are.

How does the sacred wound influence our daily experience? It creates repetition of disempowering thought forms about our inherent capacity and worthiness for happiness, success, and justice that feeds behavioral patterns leading us time and time again to unfulfilling relationships in our personal and professional lives. We experience a ceiling in our own potentiality that caps our ability to live authentically and in alignment with our deepest needs and most sacred gifts. We accept jobs and relationships that fail to nurture us, value us, and help us grow. We keep ourselves stagnant in a lackluster life.

The time has come to decide for yourself what your time will be spent on. We call out to the courageous hearts who are ready to stand-up for their most authentic desires and confront the limitations that dictate our vast human potential.


What to look forward to


family constellations

This group process allows us to reveal the core dynamics, hidden attitudes and suppressed material of any living system. The inner mechanics of one's psyche, one's family and one's relationship or life situation are brought to light and worked through to realign with the most healthy setting possible.


Energy healing with intuitive psychic communication helps us identify the original wound that is contributinng to your current blockages and work directly with the source.

Cacao Ceremony

We guard our hearts to keep ourselves safe, to avoid pain. This gentle yet powerful plant medicine helps us let down our guards and access our authentic vulnerability.

Movement Alchemy

Each cell of the body carries memory of our past traumas. This cellular memory contributes to habitual holding patterns that can be released and re-written with mindful movement and breathing.

Sound Healing

Working primarily with the gong and shamanic drum, vibrational medicine re-aligns the energy body and offers the opportunity to journey deep into the astral to retrieve parts of the soul that have been lost.

Guided Meditation

Focused on reconnecting with the inner child and all of it's wild terrains, guided meditations and visualizations are a powerful tool for deepening a positive relationship with the self.


Our experienced practitioners work in multiple modalities to help you open those long-locked doors of the subconscious to re-discover the secrets living in the cellular memory of the body and psyche. We believe the darkness cannot be conquered by imagining balls of light. Medicine wasn’t made to taste good and we won’t fool you into thinking the healing journey is composed entirely of light and rainbows. We guide you into the trenches of your personal depths and help you learn to alchemize your triggers, your fears, and pain into sources of power.

Nancy Cooke

Nancy Cooke

Shadow Work

Nancy joins facilitated introspection, movement alchemy, sound healing, cacao ceremony, and guided meditation to offer shadow work sessions that help you re-write cellular memory storing trauma and perpetuating limiting belief systems.


Our Philosophy

It is only after we have explored our wholeness that we can come to a point of self-acceptance so undeniable that our souls burn with the intensity of absolute authenticity, becoming the guiding light of our existence. When we are truly ourselves, we attract the life we’ve always dreamed of: the harmonious relationship, the fulfilling career, the irrevocable permission to share the sacred gifts we brought to this world with the utmost confidence.



The program is open to people of all identifications who are seeking a more self-possessed life, who wish to know themselves more intimately, and who are motivated to find deeper fulfillment in their relational selves (whether it be in your familial, platonic, romantic, and/or professional relationships). It all starts with the self and we designed this program for those who are dedicated to their personal healing journey, with all of it’s bumps and hurdles. We bring years of experience in facilitated introspection and therapy to help you investigate your most stubborn blockages. Our priority is to provide an atmosphere of safety while also challenging you to breach your limitations and emerge with a new level of self-understanding and self-love. Our goal is to help you rediscover the confidence to be unapologetically you.


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