Nancy Cooke

Bhakti & Yoga Philosophy Specialist

E-RYT200, RYT500, Trauma Informed Yoga Therapist, Usui Reiki Master, Munay-ki Stewardess, Fire Priestess


Awakening the Healer

Inspired by her love of travel, passion for sharing natural healing practices, and the unique power of immersive learning, Nancy collaborates with guest teachers to offer our yoga & complementary healing courses. Nancy brings a decade of ever-evolving practice and over 1,500 hours of training in integrative yoga therapy, trauma informed yoga, bhakti yoga, and tantra yoga to aspiring yoga teachers and healers.

Nancy first came to yoga in 2008 while studying psychology at university. She became increasingly interested in exploring yoga's therapeutic applications in the mental health field. After earning her bachelors degree, she went on to study integrative yoga therapy and trauma informed yoga. Combining her academic background, and her yoga therapy expertise, Nancy developed her own modality for working one-on-one with clients interested in natural and holistic tools for emotional release. She is now pursuing certification as a Professional Yoga Therapist with IAYT accredited Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy.

Nancy has traveled all over the world seeking realization and personal evolution. Training with master teachers in immersive learning environments has inspired Nancy to share the practices that have been the foundation of her own self-healing journey: yoga and energy work as sacred tools for self-healing.

Her integrative teaching style aims to help others explore yoga's capacity for facilitating deep introspection, personal transmutation, and spiritual awakening.


What do you love about yoga?

"My favorite aspects of yoga are practices you don't commonly see in western yoga studios. I'm very grateful that my training background is quite traditional, as it introduced me to yoga far beyond asana. Meditation is really the medicine of yoga for me; the introspection that comes with meditation has been the most healing thing about yoga when it comes to managing my struggles with depression and anxiety and has empowered me to create effective change in my life. If I had to pick one yoga practice, meditation in the forms of chanting and kirtan nourish my spiritual connection with the yoga path the most. My personal practice is primarily a bhakti yoga practice, which means employing methodologies that train my consciousness to witness and experience the Divine relationship in all areas of my life. This is my priority in yoga, and in life really."


Teaching Style

Experiential Learning

Nancy guides students through their own personal healing journey and shares her process to help aspiring teachers find their most authentic message. Employing her analytical mind, she loves to help students understand not the just the mechanics of yoga practice, but also the function of yoga and other complementary healing practices. She loves to answer the why? questions and meet students just where they are to help them gain perspective and integrate the medicine of these ancient teachings.

"I think of myself more as a guide than a teacher. Even after a decade of practice, I don't assume I am an authority on yoga. We all have yoga within us, it's just a matter of peeling back the layers blocking us from our inherent yoga consciousness. I teach by sharing my own journey in yoga and personal evolution. I trust that whatever truth is present in my experience will resonate with the ones who need my message. All I do is awaken people to the truth they already have in their hearts. I just present what I've learned and what I know based on my own experience. I don't really view that as teaching so much as guiding them to the Knowing within themselves. And that's what I think yoga is about – returning to that Knowing, returning to the truth that lives in the heart. That's what paramatma is. Paramatma is the teacher, I am just the guide."


"I believe you have a special kind of magic to share, and it's just what the world needs!"


Training Bio


Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

In progress

900-hour Professional Yoga Therapy certification

Living mandala School of Yoga


300-hour Tantra Yoga Teacher Training and Wild Woman Spirituality Immersion with Danielle Dulsky

Munay-ki as taught by alberto villoldo

Munay-ki Rites with Hetty Dreissen


Usui Reiki Master


Level 3 Master training with Georgy Janiewicz

Bhakti Yoga


1,000-hour Bhakti Yoga Lifestyle Immersion with Prahlada-Nrsimha das

Usui Shiki Ryoho

2012 & 2013

Level 1 & 2 training in the traditional Usui Reiki method with Amy Rowland

Sundara Yoga Therapy

2011 & 2012

200-hour Yoga Teacher Training and 50-hour Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy training with Genevieve Yellin



Ayurvedic Fire Ceremony for personal and planetary transmutation training with Gruruji Shree Mohan Jadhav

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