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What are you birthing into the world? How are you using your embodiment and life to create change and healing in the world? Dig deep into your self, call on your divine passion and creativity to steward the planet into it's awakening.



This course consists of one residential retreat and an independent project with virtual mentoring. The retreat can be taken on it's own for continuing education hours with the Yoga Alliance. The heart project is only required for those who are graduating from the 300hr yoga training.



60 hours

During the womb keepers retreat, we explore communing with plant teachers in cacao and tea ceremony, sexual energy for creativity and womb clearing rituals to access our most authentic passion, personal mythwork, awakening and healing the gifts of our bloodline, and techniques for connecting the womb and heart chakras to co-create in harmony with the truth pillars of our soul.

Heart Project & Mentoring

40 hours

The heart project is an independent study module that can be completed in divine time. This component is required for graduation from the 300hr yoga training. You will design a blueprint for bringing your unique sacred gifts to the world using yoga & complementary healing. Mentoring is included in this module, and includes 20 hours of one-on-one support from our lead trainer.

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"Inside each woman is a sacred space that connects us to wisdom, passion, life and empowerment. The womb is the seat of intuition, power and innate wisdom. From this sacred space, we are guided and called to the next step in our journeys."

Cassandra Wilder


Yoga of Action

Bringing your gifts to the world

In this course you will:

  • participate in 9 days of deep introspection, healing, and unearth your most sacred call to action

  • learn how to relate to plant teachers with reverent ceremony to receive the ancient wisdom they hold and the exponential healing they offer

  • explore the sacral chakra and the creative power of your sexual energy

  • participate in yoga and mythwork to vision and unlock your highest potential

  • bed led deep into the ethers with meditations for connecting with the bloodline and healing the wounds of your ancestors

  • learn techniques for connecting the womb and heart so that all your actions are motivated by the truth pillars of your divine heart

  • contemplate how you will step into your role as co-creator of life and existence on this planet


What's Included?


Vegetarian Meals



Paramatma Standards

Engaging Students with Profound Experiences

Our residential course exceeds Yoga Alliance standards to provide a well-rounded education in yoga and complementary healing modalities. We value, respect and appreciate your sacred heart. At Paramatma Yoga, we believe in fostering a creative, collaborative, and engaging experience to help our students embody their highest potential and pursue their dreams.


Nancy Cooke

Lead Teacher Trainer


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